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Wawa to the Rescue

It’s 8am, and as we head out for the day’s adventure I find out we are picking up sandwiches instead of stopping somewhere later in the day.  Of course I have my snacks on me (I’ve been known to carry a grocery bag in my car or snacks in my purse at all times), but a bag of nuts and dried fruit only hold you over for so long.  Now what?  Queue Wawa.

Wawa is the perfect spot to stop in the morning hours to help you prep your day.  Coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and of course the ever reliable hoagie. Until recently I didn’t think a Wawa hoagie could be an option, but it is!!  In the last two months on 3 separate occasions I have been pleasantly surprised by the staff, and their willingness to accommodate the gluten-free diet*.  They still require you to enter your order in the kiosk, and then you give them the number so they can take precaution against cross-contamination. They change their gloves, use a clean work area, and put the contents of the hoagie order in a nice resealable container minus the roll.  They even package the mayo or mustard in a convenient little container too.  All you need to do is provide the roll.

Maybe they will even have a gluten-free roll as an option one day soon??

Thanks Wawa for allowing me to have the closest thing to a hoagie 🙂

*Always make sure you explain your needs to that you have a safe meal.

Wawa for Gluten-Free Finds

Wawa has everything!  Gas, quick snacks, coffee, hot meals.  If you’re from the area you probably share my affinity for Wawa.  Best of all, for the gluten-free eater, you can go beyond the bag of chips for a quick snack.  They offer hot foods like gluten-free chili, deli meats, and tasty drinks.

Below is what the response I received from a Wawa representative regarding gluten-free food in their stores or go to the Quick Gluten Free References page:

Wawa – Gluten Free

Thank you for asking after gluten free products at Wawa. Ingredients and allergen statements for most of our foodservice products can be found on Please click on the Nutrition link on the left, then choose the category in which you are interested. Following is a short list of products you may find at your favorite Wawa that are gluten free…(received on 01/28/12)

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