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Valentine’s Day – Love or Hate it?

I’m not a mushy, lovey-dovey type person, so to see all the hearts, candy, flowers, cards and jewelry for this particular day can turn me off a bit.  It feels like once again the meaning is lost in this commercialized holiday.

However, given my pessimistic view that I’ve expressed thus far, the meaning I attribute to Valentines Day is something I should carry forward everyday.  There are far too many important people in my life to list, and all too often I get caught up in work, daily life chores etc., and I know I don’t express my gratitude to those that deserve it.  I don’t care if you have 1 person or 10, or even a pet, make time at least for today to spend it with that person.  No need to spend tons of money on fancy things, putting in the time effort and being sincere in your gesture has a greater impact.

So tonight, I’m lucky enough to be spending time with someone who is important in my life, and of course I’m cooking a simple but delicious gluten-free meal.  I’ll be posting it later on, but just note dessert is included 🙂