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[Photo from the top of Tibidabo in Barcelona, Spain]

We’ve all heard the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” by Napoleon Bonaparte. This one, though only one word, says it best – Welcome!

My name is Ann Marie Regan, and I’m from the Greater Philadelphia area.  I have traveled extensively, lived in Barcelona, Spain, and run for fun, all while being a celiac.  Though my blog is primarily focused for the gluten intolerant and celiac crowd, anyone who follows a gluten free diet, knows someone who follows a gluten free diet or is simply interested may find useful information here.  We all belong to a community of some sort.  For some it’s a sports team, others it’s a diet.  Products, news, events, recipes, travel, and social situations are all relevant topics and affect our daily lives.  At the end of the day we are like anyone else who wants to go out to dinner or be part of the company luncheon.  Any information or tips to make daily living easier and enjoyable is what you can find here.  Everything found here is based on personal research and experience; I’m not a doctor by any means and I hope you would work with a specialist before starting this diet or if you have questions.

As my page title suggests I follow a strict gluten free diet.  Since finally determining what caused my illnesses back in the spring of 2006, I quickly realized that this is not a diet but more of a lifestyle change.  While I transitioned from wheat breads, pasta, and pizza, I haven’t been alone in the process.  From the first day I was diagnosed I was supported by all of my friends and family, and my biggest support and subsequently strength in adapting to this life-changing event, is my Mom.  She helped me do a complete 180 in our kitchen and quickly helped me learn the basic do’s and don’ts.  A difficult but necessary change, we went through trial and error of first learning what was safe to eat, to adding flavor and making food delicious again. We both are trying new products and recipes to see what works, what doesn’t work, and ultimately what tastes good (that’s why we eat right?  Food should taste good!).  Coming from an Italian family we live by meals, and also the social aspect of eating. I live to eat, and I live to share that food with others. As they say in Barcelona, Bon Provecho!

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  1. Meghann Figlioli

    I am always on a gluten free diet because of my allergy. Xanthan gum and Guar gum based pastries are all that i can eat. :.,,;

    Best regards

  2. It is difficult to find tasty treats that fall in line with your diet needs. Fortunately, I feel that these products are gaining a lot of publicity and more options are becoming available!!


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