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Safe Travels & Eat Safely with this App!

The Thanksgiving holiday is the busiest travel time of the year.  Wrapping up a busy work schedule to catch a plane or start the journey in the car can leave people feeling rushed – just like in Home Alone where they forget something.  Turn the tv off?  Close the garage door?  More importantly, did you remember to eat or at least pack a snack?   Visiting family and friends is an exciting time to catch up, but it can leave you a bit displaced when it comes to eating out in unfamiliar territory.

I’m a firm advocate for carrying food with you at all times.  However, sometimes it’s just plain old nice to eat out on a whim with the rest of the gang.  I recently discovered an app that allows people to search nearby restaurants that have gluten-free menus.  You can download it for free with your Android or iPhone:

Find me Gluten Free for Andriod

Find me Gluten Free for iPhone

So go home and visit loved ones and take some worry out of eating.  Happy Thanksgiving!


About myglutenfreelifestyle

This is Ann Marie Regan from Philadelphia, PA. A few words to describe me: celiac, runner, cook, traveler. If you're reading my blog chances are you are on a gluten free diet or know someone who is. New information and ideas are constantly surfacing and you can read my blog to learn more :)

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