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The Tomato Trot Tradition Begins

The Tomato Trot Tradition Begins

Slightly overcast skies and cooler weather would typically deter people from enjoying a perfect afternoon.  Not the participants of the Tomato Trot!  Runners and runners alike had ideal conditions for the fun charity race sponsored by the Couch Tomato Cafe & Tomato Bistro, and roughly 200 people came out to run for the LUNGevity Foundation.  A well-planned event, there were tents setup for the afternoon pre-registration, which was accompanied by a local band that played throughout the afternoon generating positive energy.

Co-owner Craig Mosmen happily stated:

“All in all, I was more than pleased with every aspect [of the event].  Next year we hope to have even more runners, and I think we can expect a good number of people that ran this time around to come back next fall.”

If the 4-mile trek seemed daunting don’t despair!  The course may be changed to a 5k, which is a familiar distance to many.  Start training now so you can be the next winner of free pizza.  Don’t forget – they have awesome gluten-free pizza which earned the ‘Gluten-free Resource Education Awareness Training’ seal of approval 🙂

Overall, the first annual Tomato Trot was a success thanks to the efforts of the Couch Tomato and staff.  Many thanks to the coordinators of Manayunk’s “Fools Run”, Amy and Mike Connolly, who provided great guidance to make this happen.

Congratulations to everyone that participated!  Check out the race details here.


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