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Shake Shack in Philly

Shake Shack in Philly

Since the opening of the Shake Shack in Philly I’ve heard great things about their gluten-free menu and was quite eager to try a grilled hot dog or burger.  That chance came one Friday night as I ventured into the city to sit (or stand as it can be a bit crowded still), and test the place out.  The wait went fairly quickly for an 8:30pm arrival time, and though the menu is small I couldn’t decide between the Shack Burger and the Shack-cago hot dog.  Such problems!  I chose the Shack-cago hot dog, which included all the flavorful toppings a hot dog should have:  ketchup, mustard, relish, pickles, peppers, onions, and lettuce.  I brought my own hot dog bun so that I could truly enjoy the dining experience.  Some may argue this is an inconvenience, but living gluten-free you learn to be flexible, and I’m OK with doing a little pre-planning.  Over time I would like to think they will offer a gluten-free hamburger or hot dog bun so you won’t have to carry a gluten-free roll in your purse.

While I could have used more pickles, the hot dog was cooked oh so well.  I love having the grill marks left horizontally on the meat, with the heat of the grill still radiating off.  Though I was happily enjoying a gluten-free hot dog, my friend who ordered the hamburger stated the burger didn’t make top 5 as it was a little undercooked.  I can respect that, and would think this isn’t a common occurrence.  Overall, for me the best part was that I could order french fries, and not just any type, but CHEESE fries (which is why the main picture is cheese fries).  They stated the fryer was a dedicated for french fries to prevent cross contamination.  I would suggest to ask this when you go to make sure this procedure is still in place.

So this may seem quite simple.  Hog dog – check.  Fries – check. Drink – check.  What made this place stand out was the service.  Once I mentioned the hot dog was to have no bun the cashier immediately asked if it was gluten-free.  I was quite surprised.  After reading other reviews I found out one of the managers has celiac disease, and they take the necessary precautions to avoid cross contamination.  So if you plan to eat at the Shake Shack anytime soon know that you can have a perfectly grilled hot dog, french fries and no gluten.


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This is Ann Marie Regan from Philadelphia, PA. A few words to describe me: celiac, runner, cook, traveler. If you're reading my blog chances are you are on a gluten free diet or know someone who is. New information and ideas are constantly surfacing and you can read my blog to learn more :)

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  1. On the rare occasions I head into NYC, this is one of my favorite lunch stops! [Yes, I bring my own bun, no I don’t carry it in a purse!] However, in NYC they warn that some cc may occur in the french fry oil when they recycle it at the end of the night. (I’m asymptomatic so I just look the other way but this may be an issue for others who are super sensitive.)

    • Great to hear you enjoy this place too! I do want to add that you should always ask this question about fried foods – it is a reason why I rarely, if ever, eat french fries for fear of cross contamination. I was comforted with their response in how they handled my order which is a reason why I did eat the french fries. Asymptomatic or not you should be careful! As a precaution I feel that even if a place does at one point state their foods are safe to eat, you should always confirm when you are there and use your best judgment.


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